Education Guide The Opposition


"The Opposition study guide takes the reader into the world of community resistance and its precarious cycle of the heroic moves forward and the inevitable falling back. It provides a practical palette of strategies that may assist in challenging the forced eviction of communities and the holding to account of governments and corporations, the beneficiaries of these acts of inhumanity."

- Professor Andrea Durbach, Australian Human Rights Institute
Faculty of Law, University of New South Wales

This study guide has been written by Andre Frankovits, from the Diplomacy Training Program, co-author of The Rights Way to Development: Policy and Practice and former Campaign Director for Amnesty International and Executive Director of the Human Rights Council of Australia.

This guide has been specifically written for the tertiary education disciplines of Law, Business, Human Rights, Economics, International Development, Society and Culture, Architecture and Environment. It looks at mechanisms of accountability and possible avenues for those struggling against forced resettlements in the international human rights framework and in evolving standards governing the behaviour of private corporations. It is designed to outline the standards and norms that are supposed to govern the practices of governments and private corporations in order to protect the rights of citizens.